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We are licensed by the Bangladesh Telecommunication Regulatory Commission (BTRC) and active taxpayer of Bangladesh Govt. to run both international and domestic call center and an IT Farm. We have our own auto and manual dialing system to the USA and Canada. We have been successfully running our operation since 2017 and have been rated 5 out of 5 stars in all the marketplaces. We are playing a vital role in the economy even in any pandemic. 24/7 Virtual Assistants trusts in productivity.

Our in house trained virtual assistants are very much confident about any projects. We have been dealing with real estate, insurance, real estate funding, small business financing since we started. But we are always ready to take more challenges. Click on the link below to schedule an appointment to discuss any short paid project.

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If you’re stuck at the same number of your customers for more than 6 months, there’s a problem. We are here to help you out. SEO, SMM work slowly, but those are also good for business. Besides, telemarketing gives your business an alive look. People will know that you work.

Here you will find the solutions for all your virtual needs. We are specialized in all online marketing… Text us today​ or Call (415) 448-7134

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This is a custom made service that we provide. Pricing depends on the discussion before starting work with any clients. We charge hourly for other projects, but here we charge for per work done. A minimum of 25% has to be advanced before starting any work.
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